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Dear Stationery Community: Thank you.

After 4 years of running Blank Slate Paper, I've made the difficult decision to wind the project down. I want to thank the hundreds of customers who've created custom pads: You gave us a chance, you shared great ideas, at times you were extraordinarily patient, and many of you enthusiastically recommended us to friends, family, and audiences.

Blank Slate has been a side-hustle from the start. Getting to "launch" took a year of predawn coding sessions, lunch-break visits to paper distributors and print shops, and late-night prototyping and testing. Actually printing, binding, and shipping the pads wouldn't have been possible without help from Tony and his fantastic team at Printing Plus, who handled fulfillment.

But side-hustles are still hustles, and in the long run people only have so much hustle to go around.

There are times when our hustle energy can go toward new ventures. Other times, that energy needs to go into our families, our day jobs, our communities, or (on occasion) ourselves. What hustle I have to give has been spread too thin, and there's simply not enough to run Blank Slate and deliver the level of attention and responsiveness that customers deserve and rightly exepct. There certainly isn't enough to develop new products, build new features, or properly market what I offer today.

So, for now, Blank Slate Paper is closing up shop. It's been an inspiring 4 years!